Future Technology Series: The Future Technology in Wine Report

On April 25th, Pauline Vicard, our Executive Director, had the opportunity to participate in the London Technology Club’s second Future Technology Series event featuring Wine. Topics included technology used to support older methods of grape production with Apps able to monitor weather conditions affecting vines, technology to tackle counterfeiting and monitor storage conditions whilst wines are in transit, as well as insights into how our senses affect the overall experience of wine.

Familia Torres: Planting for Tomorrow

Familia Torres: Planting for Tomorrow

In light of the gradual and undeniable rise in temperature, in 2007 Bodegas Torres decided to take an even more active and decisive role in protecting the planet and the environment. The fight against climate change became a defining aspect of this mission.

Borderless Wine Alliance

The Borderless Wine Alliance

Wine transcends borders and bridges cultures, and the Borderless Wine Alliance is determined to write new wine routes, promoting and showcasing diversity and inclusivity every step of the way.

Jackson Family Wines and Tesla: Creating Transversal Partnerships

Jackson Family Wines and Tesla: Creating Transversal Partnerships

JFW was the first wine company to install Tesla’s stationary energy storage systems, and is currently one of Tesla’s largest installations. The batteries are installed at six wineries throughout California, including Kendall-Jackson in Sonoma and Napa, La Crema and Stonestreet in Sonoma, and Carmel Road in Monterey.

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Nimber: the Rise of Crowdshipping Platforms

Crowdshipping: delivery of goods by non-professionals tapping into existing travel routes.
Nimber is a community delivery solution that connects people who need to send something with someone going that way, anyway. By working together as a community we can make shipping easier, sustainable, cost-effective and friendly.

Where Are the Women  Who Look Like Me?

Where Are the Women Who Look Like Me?

“If they don’t give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair.” — Shirley Chisholm
“In 2018, I shouldn’t have to bring a chair. I should be invited to the meal in my own seat.” — Julia Coney

Friends drinking in the kitche

The Power of Moderation

Around the world, the wine industry is beginning to talk about moderation, health, and self care. These are just two of the organizations driving change.