Define Fine Wine White Paper

While the wine ecosystem, from production to distribution, seems to agree on what Fine Wine is not – a wine of poor quality, that’s mass produced, made using short cuts and widely distributed – there is little agreement on what a “Fine Wine” actually is. The very idea that we need to describe the meaning and attributes of Fine Wine … Read More

Is Fine Wine Ready for Africa?

Africa is one of the world’s largest and most diverse continents, with more than 54 countries, rich cultures, and hundreds of ethnic groups speaking a total of more than 2,100 languages.

Finding the right approach for fine wine is going to be both an opportunity and a challenge.

Fine Wine, Health and Wellbeing – In Conversation with Rebecca Hopkins

We meet Rebecca Hopkins, founder of A Balanced Glass, who is on a mission to help wine professionals stay safe and healthy while navigating a career in alcohol. We look at the pitfalls and problems of working with wine, and ask what role fine wine plays when it comes to questions of health and wellbeing for both employees and consumers.

Is Fine Wine too Cheap?

On 17 November, ARENI collaborated with 67 Pall Mall in London to organise a debate on the theme Is Fine Wine Too Cheap?
ARENI will present the main arguments presented by both teams on that evening. This first article presents the opening statement in favour of the motion made by Pauline Vicard, Executive Director of ARENI Global.

What Does Authenticity and Typicity Mean for Fine Wine? In Conversation with Felicity Carter and Pauline Vicard

In this special episode, international journalist and ARENI contributor Felicity Carter and Pauline Vicard, ARENI’s executive director, explore the concepts of authenticity and typicity, looking at what the concepts mean in different cultures. Diving deep into history and social science, they explore how these concepts arose and how they’re being disrupted by a new emphasis on individuality, versus the collective visions of previous generations.

What Fine Wine can learn from Jazz – In conversation with Corina Kwami

We meet Corina Kwami, American jazz singer, tap dancer and performer, and a passionate music historian.
We explore the origins of jazz and music’s social role in the world today, and what Fine wine could learn from jazz in terms of interpretation, blending, control and the power of bringing various voices together.

Fine Wine and the Social Contract

To survive, fine wine must be clear about its commitment to moderation, responsibility and sustainability, while also mounting an argument that wine is a historic, cultural drink of pleasure and joy.

What do Fine Wine lovers want?

Wealthy wine lovers appreciate wine and want it to be part of their life. But they don’t want to pay more than they need to.