Define Fine Wine White Paper

While the wine ecosystem, from production to distribution, seems to agree on what Fine Wine is not – a wine of poor quality, that’s mass produced, made using short cuts and widely distributed – there is little agreement on what a “Fine Wine” actually is. The very idea that we need to describe the meaning and attributes of Fine Wine … Read More

Five takeaways from 2020

The collective brain power of ARENI’s contributors tracked the changes as they happened, discussing and analysing what it said about the future of wine. Here are some highlights of what we discussed in 2020.

Five reasons to consider collective models – How coming together could futureproof the Fine Wine world

Collective models have defined wine production for decades. In every winemaking country, producers have come together in local, regional and national enterprises to share a common vision for quality, process and promotion. Wine people came together because they had to, and because joining forces was the best way to survive and answer particular needs.
Now, faced with a new crisis, can collective models still facilitate our short- and long-term needs?

In This Together – How Fine Wine is re-thinking its collective models

This year has brought the importance of community into stark relief. Yet, as a group, we are still exploring what “in this together” means, in terms of both production and distribution.
A panel discussion to address important questions, as the dramatic changes in our working lives will extend into 2021 and beyond, upending the old ways altogether.

Five ways to take wine education forwards

What does the future hold for wine education?

A conversation to understand what it will take to create inclusive and enlightening learning experiences in today’s atomised and online world.

Podcast – A Social critique of Fine Wine – In conversation with Prof. Beverley Skeggs

A conversation to explore the links between luxury, sociology, marketing and Fine Wine.

With Prof. Beverley Skeggs, we dive deep into behavioural science and the concepts of inclusivity and exclusivity, casting a different light on some of our ecosystem’s oldest battles and answering key questions on Fine Wine’s language, its symbolism and its struggle to break cultural norms.