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ARENI Global is a research institute dedicated to the future of fine wine. By working with leading experts from both within and outside of the fine wine ecosystem, we produce a research program that tackles the most important issues facing fine wine today.

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Gain access to in-depth research on key topics relevant to fine wine. These actionable reports are backed up with extensive data. They provide objective insights into the future of fine wine.

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Will Harlan, Promontory


Our research covers six forces of change, all with the potential to deeply impact the future of fine wine. These are: changing societies, natural resources, access to market, money, transformative technology, and fine wine consumers. For each of these, we start by looking at the big picture – what’s happening in the world we are living in – before exploring what this means for fine wine on a more granular level.

You can explore these through our articles, podcasts and videos.

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Our publications take a deep-dive into special topics relevant to fine wine, combining both quantitative and qualitative data. We invite everyone from producers and thinkers, and from academics and business leaders, to join the conversation. We hope that you find these results thought provoking.

Recent Publications

The Future of Fine Wine Consumers

Who will the future fine wine consumers be?

Fine Wine and the Restaurants

Looking ahead after two years of global disruption

A Year in Conversation

International perspectives on a year that changed the world


ARENI Global events tap into bright minds within, and outside of, the wine industry.

Our Insights Series events are free for all to join. Our interactive online roundtables are available to all Areni members. Insights from our annual in-person Think Tank (invitation only), are also shared with members.

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