About Areni Global

ARENI Global is an independent think tank dedicated to the future of fine wine. Areni global exists to answer the big questions of our time and to protect and defend fine wine from threats including regulatory, environmental, and societal changes. We do this by creating an international platform where experts and thought leaders can come together and share ideas, and by publishing key research and insights.

Our Mission

People next to a vineyard

The way we produce, distribute, sell and communicate about fine wine is changing. Just as climate change is disrupting the whole fine wine value chain, deep transformations in distribution are altering how our industry ‘stakeholders are engaging with consumers, and moving regulatory environments and societal shifts are questioning the wine industry’s social license to operate.

If we don’t collectively address these threats, wine itself is at risk of losing its relevance.

Areni Global gathers key stakeholders, from producers to retailers, distributors to sommeliers- and produce research, analysis, and insights to lead our global industry forward.

Together with contributors and members, Areni Global supports a Fine Wine world sustainably evolving through change.

  • Provide a place where ideas can be developed freely and independently 
  • Raise awareness of important issues 
  • Provide alternative solutions, supported by evidence 
  • Inform and educate the wider fine wine community 
  • Encourage public debate and facilitate the exchange of ideas 

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Our Values

Fine Wine is a powerful link between earth and sky, individuals and communities, past and present. It carries within itself magic, wonder and contemplation that facilitates a sentiment of belonging through shared emotion. For all of this, we believe that the world is a better place with Fine Wine in it.

→ Sustainability

We want Fine Wine to be here for the long run. We believe that the only way to do so is through a multi-faceted approach to sustainability

→ Collaboration

We understand that global challenges can only be addressed collectively, and that enlightenment and inspiration lives within our community.

→ Open-mindedness

We place value in diversity and richness by listening to a wide range of actors, voices and key insights, and work towards a balanced and fair analysis.

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Our Partners

Areni Global partners are leading businesses and organisations. They understand the importance of ongoing research and contribute to shaping  critical conversations. We would like to thank the Partners who make our work possible.

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