A Year in Conversation


Critical conversations and international perspectives to keep up with a changing world. Free for all.

Since its founding, ARENI’s mission has been to get great minds together around a table, to thrash out issues affecting the wine trade. Since the pandemic, conversations about the future of Fine Wine became even more urgent. With all this in mind, ARENI initiated a series of robust discussions with people both within and outside the wine trade, from geopolitical observers to experts in public health, finance, trade and technology.

We talked about possible futures, both bright and dark, and opened up the conversation on everything from terroir, changing patterns of consumption and wine labelling, to the economics of freelancing.

This document is worth taking a look, because our interviewees don’t just come from wine, but also from other industries and academia, collectively offering thought-provoking perspectives about the future of wine that cannot be found anywhere else. If there’s one message that comes through from all the conversations, it’s that the past year has offered an unparalleled opportunity to reflect and reconsider. It’s been a crisis, yes, but one that should definitely not go to waste.

Please note that all of the interviews that appear in this book have been lightly edited and shortened. For the full conversations and many more insights, please browse our podcasts.

ARENI would like to extend its appreciation and gratitude to all parties who have participated in ARENI’s conversations and through the year, have shared their time and insights to support the future of the Fine Wine Ecosystem.