Podcast – In Conversation with Elizabeth Linder

Today with Elizabeth Linder, we explore our changing societies, in order to get a deeper look into the new paradigms appearing through Western societies, shaping a new social framework for Fine Wine.

Throughout her entire career, Elizabeth Linder has never held a position with an existing job description, but has always believed in the power of conversations and their crucial roles in shaping the current and future world.

For eight years- up to 2016, she worked at Facebook, where she founded and built the Politics & Government division for the Europe, Middle East & Africa region. There, Elizabeth worked with leaders at the head of state, royal household or parliamentarian, in more than 40 countries, working with them on the new rules of conversation and engagement brought by social platforms.

Elizabeth is now heading Beautiful Destination, a global agency working with Ministers of tourism all around the world in order to build meaningful touristic experiences.

Born and raised in California, she is also a Fine Wine enthusiast and holds a WSET level 3 and has previously attended ARENI global think tank where she discusses the link between social media, engagement and Fine Wine.

As most of the world has now been in lockdown for several weeks, we all had to transfer most of our conversations to the digital world.

Though digital conversations are being useful to establish a regular level of connection, are they still relevant when it comes to etablishing trust, complicity or intimacy? How can Fine Wine, a social and human product that is meant to be shared, can create new paradigms to thrive in the digital world?

We ask Elizabeth her views on how these rules of conversation and engagement and explore the numerous opportunities the current and most unique situation could create for the Fine Wine ecosystem.