12 Conversations: Different Ways of Looking at Sustainability

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From Chatham House to the International Space Station, Areni talks to global thought leaders to explore the complex notion of Sustainability. Free for all.

Today, the term ‘sustainability’ returns more than two billion results from Google, including papers and journals from top universities, statements from companies of all sizes, and even videos explaining the concept to children. The sheer variety of sources shows how important the concept has become in the last 30 years, while making it ever more difficult—or even futile—to try and narrow it down to one single, universal definition.

For business, however, it’s generally accepted that the word sustainability has two particular meanings: the effect business has on the natural environment and the effect business has on society. The goal of a sustainable development strategy is to make a positive impact in at least one of those areas.

This document has pulled together some of the most illuminating conversations we had this year on the broad topic of sustainability, hoping it will spark further discussion. It is worth taking a look, because our interviewees don’t just come from wine, but also from other industries and academia, collectively offering thought-provoking perspectives about the future of wine that cannot be found anywhere else.

If there is one message that comes through from all the conversations, it’s that fine wine is facing headwinds that urgently need to be discussed—but which have solutions.

All of the interviews that appear in this book have been lightly edited and shortened. For the full conversations and many more insights, please browse our podcasts.

ARENI would like to extend its appreciation and gratitude to all parties who have participated in ARENI’s conversations and through the year, have shared their time and insights to support the future of the Fine Wine Ecosystem.