Is Fine Wine too Cheap?

On 17 November, ARENI collaborated with 67 Pall Mall in London to organise a debate on the theme Is Fine Wine Too Cheap?
ARENI will present the main arguments presented by both teams on that evening. This first article presents the opening statement in favour of the motion made by Pauline Vicard, Executive Director of ARENI Global.

What do Fine Wine lovers want?

Wealthy wine lovers appreciate wine and want it to be part of their life. But they don’t want to pay more than they need to.

Fine Wine and the Social Contract

To survive, fine wine must be clear about its commitment to moderation, responsibility and sustainability, while also mounting an argument that wine is a historic, cultural drink of pleasure and joy.

Who buys investment grade wine?

It’s easy to make assumptions about the wealthy, but if these assumptions turn out to be wrong, the wine trade may find itself engaging in sales and export strategies that are no longer relevant.

With this in mind, ARENI Global conducted a series of interviews with high-net-worth individuals (HNWI), to find out more about them, and how the pandemic impacted their behaviour.

Why the world of wine needs gate openers

As the world opens up and restaurants overflow again, many producers are now connecting with their old business networks once again. How can they apply the lessons they learned from the pandemic, and maintain both their new and old communities?