Five ways to take wine education forwards

What does the future hold for wine education?

A conversation to understand what it will take to create inclusive and enlightening learning experiences in today’s atomised and online world.

Podcast – A Social critique of Fine Wine – In conversation with Prof. Beverley Skeggs

A conversation to explore the links between luxury, sociology, marketing and Fine Wine.

With Prof. Beverley Skeggs, we dive deep into behavioural science and the concepts of inclusivity and exclusivity, casting a different light on some of our ecosystem’s oldest battles and answering key questions on Fine Wine’s language, its symbolism and its struggle to break cultural norms.

The Future of Hospitality and its Leadership – In Conversation with Marc Almert

German-born Marc Almert, ASI Best Sommelier in the World 2019, to discuss the Future of Hospitality and its Leadership. From reinventing guest experiences in a Covid-19 world to creating a truly inclusive environment, and inspiring staff and customers alike, Marc articulates a refreshing vision of the role of sommelier.  

Five glimmers of hope for the end of 2020

As the wine trade enters the race towards Christmas, ARENI Global gathered key fine wine players afrom four different markets to ask them about the trends they are seeing and – more importantly –what the wine business can do to hit their targets?