ARENI In the Round: Financial Sustainability for Growing Fine Wine Brands

Tuesday 19th March
4pm-5.30pm GMT – Online

In December and January, we hosted two Insight Series webinars on the topic of scaling up fine wine. Expert panelists shared fascinating insights on their motivations and methods, and advice to those in the fine wine space looking to grow.

One recurring theme was that of finance. Unsurprisingly, this served as a motivator for some of the growth ambitions of our panelists. Pricing is also closely linked to brand positioning, and one panelist reported that issues of financial and environmental sustainability were closely linked.

These two sessions gave us the opportunity to sit in the audience for interesting conversations. Now we’re offering members the opportunity to interact with each other, and exchange ideas about financial sustainability in the context of growth.

On Tuesday March 19th at 4-5.30pm, we’ll gather online for an in-depth conversation. We’ll be speaking broadly about wine ‘brands’ to include participants across the supply chain, not only producers.

Main questions to be addressed to the group:

  • How do you define financial sustainability?
  • What are the most important elements?
  • Is it necessary to grow to be financially sustainable?
  • How do you plan and manage financial sustainability?
  • As a fine wine brand, what are the main challenges to financial sustainability?
  • How do your efforts to be more sustainable in other ways, for example in terms of the environment or with regards to workers, impact financial sustainability?

Areni in The Round are interactive, online workshops focusing on specific topics relevant to the future of fine wine. They bring fine wine professionals together to challenge, inspire and learn from each other on key, practical issues.

Registration for this event is now closed. You can access the conclusion of this series of roundtables here:

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