Podcast – Inside France’s culinary college for a glimpse of the future – In Conversation with Celia Tunc

Celia Tunc is Secretary General of Collége Culinaire de France – France’s Culinary College. The association, founded by 18 of the most renowned and influential French chefs – including Alain Ducasse, Joel Robuchon and Paul Bocuse – aims to represent, promote and transmit artisanal culinary heritage through tradition and innovation. Celia emerges from a year that shook France’s relationships to gastronomy, restaurants, producers and winemakers, with the belief that the future of the world requires a new relationship to food, based on craftsmanship and diversity.

Fine Wine in Brazil – In Conversation with Thiago Mendes

Thiago Mendes co-founded Eno Cultura wine school in Brazil in 2013 , which also runs events and tastings. In 2017, Eno Cultura was named Wine Educator of the Year by the WSET. He spoke with ARENI and shares his insights on the local Fine Wine market and his consumers profiles.

Podcast – The Rise of the Non-Premise – In Conversation with Tim Angelillo

What if there was a way of – legally -working alongside the established three-tier system in the US to create a disruptive route to market without disrupting the system in place? What would it take to build a distribution channel that would allow consumers to directly order cocktails – or wine- on their phone and receive it a mere three hours later at their door?
What does this new “non-premise” channel could mean for spirits and wine brands alike? How could we leverage it to address the upper-end of the market and create bespoke, premium experiences on top of convenience? What could wine brands willing to extend their digital presence could learn from a model like this?
We talk to Tim Angelillo, founder and CEO of Sourced Craft Cocktails, and discuss how he used his 20 years of experience working for tech giants to create and efficient data and information based system, that checks all the boxes.

Fine Wines in the Emirates – In Conversation with Oliver Dixon

Oliver Dixon is Head of Fine Wine at MMI (Maritime and Mercantile International), a subsidiary of Emirates Group. Headquartered in Dubai, it is the number one beverage distributor in UAE and Oman, supplies duty free retailers and has 17 retail stores. He spoke with ARENI and shares his insights on the local Fine Wine market and his consumers profiles.

Salon at Larkmead – Looking Back and Looking Ahead

ARENI kicks off the 2021 Salon at Larkmead series and discusses the evolution of Fine Wine consumers with our very own Pauline Vicard joining Dan Petroski, Dr. Liz Thach, MW, Rob McMillan and Kinsey Grant.

The Future of Fine Wine Consumers

This Insight series will present our latest, extensive research on today’s Fine Wine consumers and the complex forces at play that will define the buying behaviours of tomorrow.

Learning from the Coffee World – In Conversation with Peter Giuliano

What can fine wine learn from coffee? And what, in turn, can coffee learn from fine wine? This week ARENI speaks to Peter Giuliano, the executive director of the Specialty Coffee Association and the Coffee Science Foundation, to explore what two of the world’s favourite beverages can offer each other.