Podcast – A Social critique of Fine Wine – In conversation with Prof. Beverley Skeggs

A conversation to explore the links between luxury, sociology, marketing and Fine Wine.

With Prof. Beverley Skeggs, we dive deep into behavioural science and the concepts of inclusivity and exclusivity, casting a different light on some of our ecosystem’s oldest battles and answering key questions on Fine Wine’s language, its symbolism and its struggle to break cultural norms.

Podcast – In Conversation with Elizabeth Linder

Though digital conversations are being useful to establish a regular level of connection, are they still relevant when it comes to etablishing trust, complicity or intimacy? How can Fine Wine, a social and human product that is meant to be shared, can create new paradigms to thrive in the digital world?

The evolving wine consumer – The Real Business of Wine

On 21 April, our chair Nicole Rolet and executive director Pauline Vicard joined hosts Robert Joseph and Polly Hammond of The Real Business of Wine webcast, as well as guests Amber LeBeau of Spit Bucket and Francis Perrin of Washington’s Chateau Ste Michelle, for a virtual discussion on the changing wine consumer.  Pauline presented part of ARENI’s research started in … Read More

Define Fine Wine White Paper

While the wine ecosystem, from production to distribution, seems to agree on what Fine Wine is not – a wine of poor quality, that’s mass produced, made using short cuts and widely distributed – there is little agreement on what a “Fine Wine” actually is. The very idea that we need to describe the meaning and attributes of Fine Wine … Read More