Introducing: Inside La Place de Bordeaux

Decoding the World’s most famous wine marketplace

Inside la Place de Bordeaux, a seven episode podcast series launching on April 16th, 2024

In the global world of fine wine, so many threads are connected by one single place: La Place de Bordeaux.

For 800 years, la Place de Bordeaux’s unique trading system has brought the fine wines of Bordeaux to merchants and collectors around the world. But what was for so long an exclusive local club is now the hub of the international world of fine wine.

But despite its huge influence on the world of fine wine today, we don’t really know much about la Place, and what happens behind what appears to be closed doors…How does La Place work, and maybe more importantly, why – and when- does it work? Who is behind it and who gets to be in the club? What wines find success through the Place de Bordeaux?

The most important and influential wine marketplace in the world remains shrouded in mystery.

After hearing these questions over and over, Areni Global decided to explore exactly what La Place de Bordeaux is, who the people behind it are, and what the levels of success are. Top duo Pauline Vicard and Felicity Carter tackle all the hard questions, meet key players – many of them going public for the first time – and analyze the role of the Place de Bordeaux in the future of fine wine distribution.

Come with us as we enter La Place:

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