Rethinking Fine Wine: Defining Fine Wine and its Responsibilities, to Protect its Future

“All of the previous whitepapers have been interesting, but the latest, launched at Sotheby’s in London, represents a huge leap forward. It is essential reading for anyone interested in anything beyond what one might call “beverage wine”. Robert Joseph, Meininger’s Wine Business International.

What is fine wine? What does it take to be “fine”? How is this concept understood by trade and consumers? Is fine wine the same as luxury wine? What does “fine wine” stand for in terms of its social role? What are the issues currently challenging the role and place of fine wine in society?

“Rethinking Fine Wine” is ARENI’s fourth white paper on the topic of Fine Wine. The research is a mix of quantitative analysis and qualitative insight from leading industry experts, combined with three years of global observations.

Topics covered include:

  • The Five Attributes of Fine Wine
  • The Attributes of Fine Wine and Their Importance
  • Who Defines Fine Wine?
  • The Collective Responsibilities of Fine Wine Producers
  • Is Fine Wine the Same as Luxury Wine?
  • What do Fine Art and Wine have in Common?
  • What Makes Something a Classic of its Type?
  • Should Fine Wine Seek Typicity or Authenticity?

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