Executive Summary: Rethinking Fine Wine

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An overview of our whitepaper: Rethinking Fine Wine: Defining Fine Wine and its Responsibilities, to Protect its Future. Free for all.

“Rethinking Fine Wine” is ARENI’s fourth white paper on the topic of Fine Wine. The research is a mix of quantitative analysis and qualitative insight from leading industry experts, combined with three years of global observations.

The white paper delves into key themes, beginning with a proposal to revise the definition of fine wine. It looks at how “fine wine” is understood by both trade and consumers globally, and explores who creates the definition across the value chain. What responsibilities belong to people at the top?

We will also look at the many disruptions currently challenging fine wine, plus we will make key recommendations and offer takeaways.

Main Themes Covered:

  • Why does having a global definition for fine wine matter?
  • What could a global definition achieve?
  • What does it take for a wine to be considered “fine”?
  • How is this concept understood by trade and consumers? If they don’t share the same vision, how can we explain the differences?
  • What are the roles of fine wine’s stakeholders in creating fine wine’s status? Can you be “fine” alone?
  • What does “fine wine” stand for in terms of its social role? What are the responsibilities attached to the status?
  • What are the issues currently challenging the understanding of fine wine?

Rethinking Fine Wine Whitepaper:

  • 66 pages
  • Six Chapters of extensive qualitative and quantitative research
  • Insights from our dedicated interview programme