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Money, Transparency and Diversity : All cards on the table

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Wednesday 23rd June – 9.00-10.30 am Pacific Time – Online

Is the current lack of financial transparency a barrier to cultivating diversity in the wine industry?

Money is not the most comfortable of topics in the wine world, though fair remuneration is key to increasing the diversity of voices and talents. 

In this Insight Series, in collaboration with Bâtonnage Forum, ARENI brings together critical thinkers, wine professionals and industry supporters to assess what opportunities and challenges exist in working towards greater remuneration transparency.


35 min panel discussion followed by 55 min collective workshop.

Themes to be addressed:

  • Is the current lack of financial transparency a barrier to cultivating diversity in the wine industry?
  • What are the principal factors that contribute to the gender pay gap?
  • What additional challenges do BIPOC communities face in terms of salary negotiation?
  • What would it take to make the wine industry interesting and competitive in terms of remuneration?
  • How can one determine what he/she is worth in the wine industry today? What criteria should come into account?

To address those questions and lead the collective workshops, we are pleased to welcome:

Felicity Carter, Executive Editor, Pix, USA

Before joining the new and ambitious Pix project, Felicity Carter was editor-in-chief of Meininger’s Wine Business International, the world’s only global, English language wine business magazine.

She is also a wine judge, and a respected commentator and moderator, discussing the state of the wine industry at major events, including Prowein, Wine2Wine and many more.

Jordan Sale, Founder, 81 cents, USA

Jordan Sale is the founder of 81cents, which helps women and underrepresented minorities make sure they’re being paid market rates by getting them personalized market data, compensation feedback, and career advice from hiring managers and recruiters in their field. To date, candidates using 81cents data and resources have seen an average salary increase of 17% and a total compensation increase of over $4M. 81cents has been featured in Forbes, ABC News, and theSkimm.

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About Bâtonnage:

Bâtonnage is a US-based initiative stirring up the conversation on Women and Wine. Its annual forum brings together wine professionals as well as wine industry supporters to discuss and act on the unique challenges and opportunities that women in wine have faced both historically and present-day.

The Bâtonnage forum is a three-day event happening both digitally and physically in Sonoma, California. For more information on the programme, how to access the rest of the sessions or how to support the mentorship programme, visit 

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As a warm-up for this conversation, we meet Andrew Jefford, an award-winning journalist, wine writer and educator, and one of the only major figures in an otherwise opaque industry to publicly reveal his revenue and earnings. We discuss writing, negotiation power and transparency, and how to define one’s worth in today’s wine world.