The Future of Fine Wine Consumers 2021

The world of Fine Wine has traditionally been production driven, with little regard for the needs of consumers. At the extreme end, the Fine Wine producer is sometimes seen as a mediator who toils in service of a Terroir God, who alone dictates the decisions of the winery. In this model, consumers can either buy the wine or go elsewhere. The best Fine Wine success stories, however, are to be found in brands/wineries which manage the balance between respecting their natural environment, while placing consumers at the centre of their distribution model.

To do this, data and insights are key. Yet while research on wine in general and its consumers is widely available, there is far less that looks specifically at Fine Wine consumers.

For the last two years, ARENI Global’s research partnership with Mestrezat has allowed us to not only define Fine wine through the eyes of trade or consumers, but also to study their buying behaviours and relationships with Fine Wine and its suppliers.

This annual report presents our research results, as well as important insights from our dedicated interview programme. To the global community of Fine Wine enthusiasts and trade members who participated in our research, we express our appreciation.

The Future of Fine Wine Consumers 2021 report:

  • 84 pages
  • Four chapters of extensive qualitative and quantitative research
  • Four key markets covered: China, Hong-Kong, the UK, the US
  • Hundreds of Wine Intelligence data points
  • A focus on High-Net-Worth Individuals
  • Insights from our dedicated interview programme

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We hope that you find these results thought provoking, and we invite everyone from producers to thinkers, academics to business leaders, to join the conversation.