Securing the Future of Fine Wine

Securing the Future of Fine Wine – Areni Global – Recording of a webinar that took place on June 29, 2023

Looking back at ARENI’s annual Think Tank.

From 20-22 June 2023, ARENI Global gathered 50 thought leaders from 12 different countries to collectively address urgent issues pertaining the future of fine wine. The events took place in Sonoma and Napa Valley, California.

The research programme was structured around six committees, gathering seven to nine experts and industry leaders from diverse background and origins.

On June 29th, we discussed the resulting strategic insights and key takeaways with some of ARENI key contributors.

This 45-minute recap covered key takeaways from the following work sessions:

  • The Future of Consumer Segmentation
  • How to Secure Long Term Reputation
  • Authenticity, Typicity, Identity and what it means for the future of fine wine
  • The Role and Place of Wine Education in the Future of Fine Wine
  • Securing the Future of Wine Tourism
  • Securing the Future of Vines


  • Felicity Carter, Editor-at-large, Areni Global
  • Honore Comfort, Vice President of International Marketing, Wine Institute of California
  • Karissa Kruse, Sonoma County Winegrowers Association
  • Nicole Rolet, Principal, Chêne Bleu Wines
  • Pauline Vicard, Executive Director, Areni Global