Our Research

Exploring Forces of Change

To adapt and thrive today and tomorrow, the Fine Wine ecosystem needs to reflect upon each of its building blocks. As there is no survival without both production and distribution, ARENI has built a balanced approach, researching equally every aspect of Fine Wine, from agricultural processes, philosophical and cultural abstracts to business and marketing practices.

Define Fine Wine
An Open Collective Project

A clear and transparent definition of Fine Wine is essential to its development, reach, future success and, to some extent, its survival. But what does it take to be Fine?
ARENI explores the many dimensions of Fine Wine, and assess the main factors contributing to its definition.

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The Fine Wine Consumer: A Customer-Centric Approach

A long-term research studying Fine Wine consumers and addressing the latest changes in behaviour:

  • What trends are shaping the consumption patterns of tomorrow?
  • Which trends are most likely to affect the future of Fine Wine?
  • What are the major implications for Fine Wine stakeholders?

Recent Work

Changing Societies: Fine Wine Evolving Social framework

A deeper look into the new paradigms appearing through Western societies, shaping a new social framework for Fine Wine.

  • In what major ways are our societies changing?
  • What are the main trends that are likely to affect the future of the Fine Wine ecosystem?
  • What could the major implications for the Fine Wine stakeholder be?

Recent Work

The Digital Economy and Transformative technology

An extensive analysis of the complex relationship between Fine wine and technology and its place within the digital economy.

  • How are the digital economy and transformative technologies likely to transform the world?
  • What could it mean for the Fine Wine ecosystem?
  • What is necessary to thrive within World 2.0?

Recent Work

Access to market: Towards new commercial routes

A review of key factors dramatically changing global trade environment and their impacts on Fine Wine’s capacity to access established and developing markets.

  • In which global environment are we trading?
  • How are the routes to market likely to evolve for Fine Wine?
  • What are the major implications for the Fine Wine stakeholders?

Recent Work

Sustainability 2.0: Acting now, thinking long term

A global case study sharing best practices in order to accelerate environmental and social practices implementation.

  • Where are we, globally, on climate change?
  • Is there such a thing as a “workforce challenge” exerting pressure on Fine Wine?
  • What can we do to secure an environmentally and socially sustainable future?

Recent Work

Money: An Essential Force of Conflict

A comparative study of financial sustainability and their implementation in wineries around the world.

  • Can, and should we make the Fine Wine ecosystem more financially viable?
  • What are the main financial tools?
  • What is the best way to approach to financial viability?

Recent Work