Where Are the Women Who Look Like Me?

Where Are the Women  Who Look Like Me?

Julia Coney is a Washington, D.C.-based wine and travel writer, educator, and consultant. Her wine writing includes stories on wine and winemakers, personal essays and the intersection of race and wine. In January 2018, Julia wrote an article acknowledging not only the glass ceiling for women, but also “the wine glass-box” for women (and men too) of color, totally invisible in the wine ecosystem.

“The only way we understand racial injustice in all forms is by communicating why representation in this industry matters. The industry keeps referencing the lack of diversity, but change happens only when the people in power are allies in being the change they say they want. Representation in the wine world only comes from representation in the wine media that is lacking. The wine media is responsible for these images.”

Here is a list of actions that Julia recommends to start implementing change:

  • Make diversity happen and quit being a buzzword.
  • Make other women feel welcome at industry events, even when they don’t look like you.
  • Look for new voices in wine media that represent the diversity of the world. They are out there.
  • Mentor when possible.
  • Get out of your comfort zone. African-Americans have been out of our comfort zone for centuries.
  • Be open to discussing others’ perspectives of this industry.
  • Quit assuming all African-American people only drink Moscato. Yes, this is a thing.

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