The Power of Moderation

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Charte de la degustation responsable du vin logoBIB Vignobles

Bruno Le Breton is a winegrower in the South of France, leading one of the only wineries in France to be certified ISO 26000 (global sustainability approach). Every aspect of the winery’s business is studied and approached through the lens of sustainability, including the company’s social responsibility.

“ At the end of the day, we are producing alcohol. We need to make sure that we are developing and encouraging responsible drinking and that we understand the mechanism behind the excess consumption of alcohol, that indeed is dramatic.”

His brand, BLB vignobles, has developed a Charte de la Dégustation Responsable du Vin—a charter of responsible wine tasting—explaining what is at stake and the different steps and actions that one can take to appreciate wine in good conditions and ease dialogue between different stakeholders.
The charter was developed with the help of Hussam Al Mallak, doctor specialist in addiction and the RegionalEducation Comity for Health.
The Charter is open to all and easily downloadable via BLB Vignobles’ website (in French).

A Balanced Glass logoA Balanced Glass

On the other side of the Atlantic, Rebecca Hopkins celebrated 25 + years within the Wine Industry. Her professional career, paved with personal success amongst the best Us and international companies, also led her to experience and witness the physical and mental health challenges that we all face, shared only by few other professions.
In March 2018, she created A Balanced Glass, a web forum dedicated to supporting health and wellness for wine professionals around the world.
The online forum offers insights, learnings and tips. Since its launch in March 2018, more than 350 wine professionals spanning nine countries, have joined the community, and the FaceBookGroup, community and social media presence on Instagram and Twitter continue to grow.

“Without a high-performing and vibrant industry, we are not reaching our full potential. We cannot create new ideas, conceptualize new ways, or thrive as a vibrant and engaged community without a healthy outlook.”
Rebecca Hopkins.

A Balanced Glass is committed to changing the way we talk about health and wellness, bringing often shadowed subjects to light, and helping promising young minds grow and thrive. Managing long-term health while working with and around alcohol is not always easy—but it sure can be easier together.

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