The Global Wine Database: Gathering Information

The Global Wine Database: Gathering Information

A central database for wine, controlled by producers. GWDB was built to complement crowd sourced data and provide a well rounded outlook at all the wine produced on the planet.

April 8, 2019

Forget the hundreds of pdf and technical sheets for each of the wines that you manage, multiplied by the number of vintages that you deal with. Forget the time that it takes you to send individual information to journalists or clients. Instead, choose just have one place, cloud-based and controlled by producers where you will find every single relevant information about (ultimately) all the wines in the world. On top of that, any third party app that is integrated with GWDB is automatically updated with the most recent information directly from the winery. New vintage? New Bottle shots? New tasting notes? Automatic.

The Global Wine Database is a very ambitious project that could have a tremendous impact on the wine world, as described by Jancis Robinson MW:

“[GWDB] could herald a new age of information about the wines that we drink, opening up communication channels and opportunities for knowledge in unprecedented ways. For those in the trade, it could represent a revolution in reducing costs, increasing efficiency and connecting to their customers.”