The Future of Fine Wine Consumers 2019

The Fine Wine environment confronts diverse pressures, from climate to regulatory change, to generational shifts to hyper connectivity.
Fine Wine consumers are also evolving, in profile and purchasing behaviour. Every day, these same Fine Wine consumers are interacting and connecting with each other in different ways. Their sensibilities and psychologies are changing, as they navigate the blurred lines between analogue and digital, which not only favour immediacy, but challenge the concepts of trust, transparency and access to products and information.

ARENI Global’s partnership with Mestrezat was launched to provide insights on today’s Fine Wine consumers, creating the basis for a repeating study that will regularly assess major shifts and trends. This Insight Series Reports aims to highlight opportunities
for Fine Wine and the report also signals possible problems that need to be tackled collectively.

This in-depth report is based on evidence collected through desk research, project workshops and in conversations with trade experts and Fine Wine consumers and collectors. Although the scope is large, it is not intended to be exhaustive. Rather, the report presents a broad picture of Fine Wine consumers’ expectations, motivations and purchasing behaviours, in order to raise awareness and spark further conversations.

This in-depth study, in partnership with Mestrezat, is published every year.
For the updated results, see the latest version of this study The Future of Fine Wine Consumers 2021.