The Borderless Wine Alliance

Borderless Wine Alliance

The Borderless Wine Alliance is a movement created by Peter Weltman, former sommelier of the exclusive 11 Madison Park restaurant in NYC. The BWA believes in the power of wine to resolve local and international conflicts (Palestinian and Israeli working together on ancient local grape varieties), promote diversity of origin even at the highest level of quality (wines from Lebanon, Georgia, Turkey), break borders (the interdependency of California and Northern Mexico) and help countries achieve stability.

“I now feel like a sommelier activist, leveraging wine’s privileged standing to improve people’s lives. With our wine purchases, I believe, we can help advance regional peace, provide support for farmers in war-torn regions, have a voice in geopolitics, and aid in economic recoveries”
—Peter Weltman

Wine transcends borders and bridges cultures, and Peter is determined to write new wine routes, promoting and showcasing diversity and inclusivity every step of the way.

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