Teaching, Learning, Growing in an Online World

What does the future hold for wine education? If education in Wine means access to knowledge, wine, people and places, how will the next few months impact the new generations of talents?
What will be the knowledge, soft and hard skills, attitudes and values students and trade alike need to thrive in this changing world? How can we translate a human and social experience into an online format?

A conversation on the changing mindset, goals and tools needed to lead our ecosystem forward.


– Winemaker and doctor Laura Catena
– Journalist and educator Elaine Chukan Brown
– Innovator Stevie Kim (Vinitaly, Vinitaly International Academy, Wine2Wine)
– Cognitive science researcher Jeremy Lamri,
– TexSom co-founder James Tidwell MS
– Education directors Valérie Westrelin (Isefac Bachelor and ISG Luxury Management) and Damien Wilson (Sonoma State University)

For a written analysis of this Insight Series, see our article 5 ways to take wine education forward.

The ARENI International Insight Series are part of our annual research and action programme. These events provide an exclusive platform for international thought-leaders to share ideas and address global issues collectively.