Shaping Tomorrow – Inside Brussels and the OIV

Tuesday 26th Jan – 4.30pm-6pm GMTOnline

For our first Insight Series of the year, we look inside the European Union and the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV). From upcoming labelling laws to updates to the Common Agricultural Policy, plus the World’s Heath Organisation (WHO) latest alcohol recommendations, we explore what’s at stake for Fine Wine in terms of future European rules and regulation.

This is an essential conversation for any one making wine or selling wine within the European Union.

Format: We are pleased to welcome the below panellists for a Q&A discussion:

Pr. Monika Christmann – Vice President – International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV)

The OIV is an intergovernmental organisation of a scientific and technical nature of recognised competence for its works concerning vines, wine, wine-based beverages, table grapes, raisins and other vine-based products.

Pr. Christmann is also heading Geisenheim University, Germany’s leading viticulture and oenology school

Ignacio Sanchez Recarte – Secretary General – European Wine Companies Comity (CEEV)

Founded in 1960, CEEV – Comité Européen des Entreprises Vins – is the association representing the European wine companies in the industry and trade of all wine categories: still wines, sparkling wines, liqueur wines, aromatised wines and other vine products – in other words, the European wine lobby.

Their membership currently comprises 23 national organisations from 12 EU Member States, plus Switzerland and Ukraine, and a consortium of 4 leading European wine companies. 

Based in Brussels, the CEEV deals with all EU policy areas that are relevant for their members and their companies, in order to secure and maintain a permanent and constructive dialogue with the European institutions, international organizations and relevant stakeholders, to promote the legitimate interests of EU wine companies.

Major themes to be addressed:

  • When will new labelling laws be implemented in Europe?
  • What will they entail? What do producers need to prepare for?
  • Will those new regulations offer more transparency to both trade and consumers?
  • Will the new CAP place more emphasis on organic/sustainable agriculture?
  • From “limiting excess consumption of alcohol” to “limiting consumption of alcohol”. What do the latest WHO recommendations mean in terms of both European and national rules and regulations?
  • From natural wines to water in wine, what can we expect from the technical side of the regulations?
  •  From natural wines to water in wine, what can we expect from the technical side of regulations?

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