Define Fine Wine Whitepaper – 3rd Edition


What is fine wine? And why defining it matters?

While the wine ecosystem, from production to distribution, seems to agree on what Fine Wine is not – a wine of poor quality, that’s mass produced, made using short cuts and widely distributed – there is little agreement on what a “Fine Wine” actually is.

The very idea that we need to describe the meaning and attributes of Fine Wine is sometimes even dismissed. So why initiate a global dialogue to define it?

It is our view that a clear and transparent definition of Fine Wine is essential to its development, reach, future success and, to some extent, its survival.

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter One: A Definition of Fine Wine
  • Chapter Two: The Attributes of Fine Wine and its Importance around the World
  • Chapter Three: The Evolution of the Definition of Fine Wine

The “Define Fine Wine” white paper is an open project that’s based on data gathered each year from difference sources and research, including interviews and roundtables organised by Areni Global. If you would like to participate and add your own views, or submit relevant research, please contact us.