insight series

Disruption in the
World of Grands Crus

Two days to explore the future of Fine Wine

Tuesday, 5 November 2019 & Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Global objective: bringing #perspective and #understanding of the multiple forces affecting the Fine Wine ecosystem and encouraging #action to preserve the legacy of Fine Wine by helping its key stakeholders adapt with the changing times.

What to expect

Event 1 – Conference: The Future of Fine Wine: Understanding the main trends, challenges, and opportunities

From Changing societies to geopolitics, international trade and global retail trends, key personalities will illustrate some of the major forces of disruption the Fine Wine ecosystem has to face.

Details: Tuesday 5th of November – 2pm-6pm, Venue and full line of speakers TBC
Audience: Open to all
Number of seats available: 80
Price : TBC

Event 2 – Insight Series: Language, Marketing And Diversity: Rethinking the way we talk about wine

How would the world of Fine Wine look like if we were changing the way we talk about about wine? A curated list of panellists and participants will actively work to create a collective vision for Fine Wine in terms of Language, Marketing and Diversity and define the main actions needed to see this vision come to life.

Details: Wednesday 6th of November – 9.30am -1pm, Terroir Tribeca
Audience: By invitation only
Number of seats available: 25
Price: TBC

Event 3 – Tasting Workshop: Aromas, Structure, Texture : The future of fine wine style & taste

What would the Fine Wine of tomorrow taste like? What are the major factors of change in both vineyards and wineries that will impact the style of what we will drink in the next decade? 4 key personalities will discuss 4 major trends and illustrate a flight of 3 wines each, for a 12 wine tasting in total.

Details: Wednesday 6th of November – 6pm-8pm, Venue TBC
Audience: Reserved to trade
Number of seats available : 45
Price: TBC

Event 4 – Define Fine Wine Dinner

What constitutes a Fine Wine? Through a very special BYO, attendees will explore the complexity and diversity of Fine Wines from all over the world, while networking with key figures of Fine Wine production and trade.

Details: Wednesday 6th of November – 7.30pm-10.30pm, Venue TBC
Audience: Trade and Engaged consumers
Number of seats available: 50

About the series

The ARENI International Insight Series is part of our annual research and action programme. Taking place in various Fine Wine cities in the world (London, Paris, Bordeaux, New York and San Francisco), these events provide an exclusive platform for international thought-leaders to share ideas and address global issues collectively.

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