FM4FW 2020

Thriving Through Disruption

From Home -8-10 July 2020

For the last three years, FM4FW has been exploring the major shifts around us. “Disruption” has become a common word, describing the rapid changes in the world and in the Fine Wine Ecosystem, due to pressures from regulations, technology, climate change, or generational shifts.
And then came Covid-19, and the very nature of disruption changed.
Now more than ever, global challenges need tobe addressed collectively and we need to harness the power of fine minds coming together.
Incredible things happen when we come together– whether it’s online or off.
That’s why we launched FM4FW from Home.

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Proposed themes for discussion

We believe that in order to adapt and thrive today and tomorrow, the Fine Wine ecosystem needs to reflect on each of its building blocks. As there is no survival without both production and distribution, ARENI global has built a balanced approach, researching equally every aspect of Fine Wine, from agricultural processes, philosophical and cultural abstracts to business and marketing practices.

Changing societies

Transmission – Thriving through generational shifts

Open conversation on the challenges and opportunities of transmission from one generation of winemakers/vignerons/owners to the next, with iconic pairs of parents/children from Europe, Australia, South America and California.

Blurring Lines –Art, craft, luxury and lifestyle, consequences on mindset, message and language

Reflection on how codes, languages and messages have recently evolved in four neighboring areas of Fine Wine, and the challenges and opportunities generated by those changes.

Natural and Human Resources

From soil to cellar – The new practices that are changing Fine Wine profiles

From cutting edge research on soil microbiology to sensor-equipped barrels, discussion on how and if these new practices and knowledge are likely to change the Fine Wine profiles of tomorrow.

Sustainability 2.0 – Implementing the next phases of environmental and social practices

Sustainability version 1.0 has been instrumental in helping all kind of businesses around the world realise and understand their material environmental and social impact, catalysing the development of a growing community of change-makers. But it is NOT enough. Our time window to act meaningfully is closing quickly. We need Sustainability 2.0. Discussions on the next steps.


Financial sustainability –Discussing “The Four Pillars”

Open conversation on the four pillars of financial sustainability (Financial and Strategic Planning, Income Diversification, Sound Administration and Finance, Own Income Generation) and their implementation in wineries around the world

Access to Market

The silent hand of the market: regulation, trade and tariffs

Addressing the major changes in international trade, geopolitics and local regulations

Facilitating life in mega cities

From urbanization policies to disrupting distribution models and leading logistic companies, discussions on transport, convenience and product access in growing urban centers.

Digital Economy and Transformative Technology

The relevance of social platforms for the future of online retail

How social media platforms are disrupting online commerce - challenges and opportunities for the fine wine ecosystem.

Comparative study: leading luxury brands and Digital Economy

What it means to go digital for leading brands in fashion, jewelry and hospitality.

The Fine Wine consumer

Experience & Fine Wine – creating the unforgettable

Follow up on 2019 roundtables and conclusions, enriched by the estates visits of July 9th.

Influence vs Affluence: when consumers are driving the market

Understanding the different models through which consumers are directly leading the Fine Wine market

A uchronical reflection on Fine Wine packaging

Uchronia refers to a fictional time period of our world, where a couple of key elements have been altered compared to the reality we know and live. Using their creativity and knowledge, attendees will discuss what could happen with Fine Wine packaging should our reality be altered.

ARENI would like to profoundly thank our 2020 hosts and partners for sticking with us in these disrupted times.

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