FM4FW 2019

Leading the Way: The Future of Fine Wine

4-6 July 2019, Bordeaux

Roundtable Conversations

The roundtables constitute an essential aspect of FM4FW in that they foster the opportunity for the creation of new thought, combining the best ideas in order to guide the best outcomes. The objective is to shape solutions to complex problems and forge a collective vision for the future.

Aromas, Structure, Texture : The Future of Fine Wine Style and Taste

From climate change to technical innovation and consumers queries, experts considered how the sensorial components of Fine Wine are likely to evolve in the next decade.

Building The Future Roads To Markets

Experts considered if and how Fine Wine is defined by the way it is distributed, and explored the relative allure of mature and growing markets.

Language, Marketing And Diversity: Rethinking The Way We Talk About Wine

Experts considered the different challenges and opportunities brought by global diversity ( consumers’ age – gender – race, Fine Wine grape varieties – winemakers’ profile-wine origin, media & gate keeper)

Experience & Fine Wine : Creating The Unforgettable

The experience economy offers a multitude of opportunities for Fine Wine. Are there any specificities particularly relevant for the Fine Wine world?How can the entire ecosystem increase their value proposition?

Business Models : When Investment Influence The Shape Of Fine Wines

Experts considered how existing business models are shaping different profiles of Fine Wines and how alternative business models could design a new kind of Fine Wines

When Provenance Is Not Enough : Promoting Quality In Competitive Markets

From Appellations d’origine & provenance based systems & wine scores to sustainability certifications and ethos-based gatherings, experts explored the future of quality protection

Digital Economy & Innovative Technology : Increasing the Value of the Supply Chain

From vineyards to distribution, experts explored how the digital economy and innovative technology can create leverage and opportunities for the global Fine Wine ecosystem

Panel Discussions

Futureshock : Disrupted Global Trade

Interview with Constanze Stelzenmüller, Brookings Institute by Karina Robinson, Robinson Hambro

On Luxury: Creating Exception A conversation

Conversation with Fiona Morrison MW, Château le Pin- Nigel Greening, Felton Road -Eric Asimov, New York Times and Toby Bekkers, Bekkers Wines
Led by Elin McCoy, Bloomberg

Social Sustainability : A Fine Wine Without Workers?

Discussion with Laura Catena, Bodega Catena Zapata - Akilah Cadet, Change Cadet - Ixchel Delaporte author Les Rasins de la Misère -Karissa Kruse, Sonoma Winegrowers and Thomas Price, Jing Tea
Moderated by Jane Anson, Decanter

Education, Information, Emotion : The Rules of Engagement

Pleading Arguments for all three from Minter Dial, author Heartfelt Empathy- David Gluzman and Madeline Puckette, Folly Enterprises.

Futureshock:  Creating The Future of Shopping

Insights from  Philippe Thomas,  Enofi - Matteo Panzavolta, Acatena - Meaghan Qian-Fu Becker, James Suckling and Ravi Viswanathan, Grover Zampa.
Moderated by Rodrigo Sepulveda, Expon Capital.

When Fine Wine is alcohol: Moderation Temperance Responsibility

A conversation with Cathy Huyghe, Enolytics - Chris Swonger, Distilled Spirits Council of the US - Bruno Le Breton, BLB Vignobles and Taotao Xing, Deutsche Börse.
Moderated by Reka Haros.

Read the Recap

This post event recap presents the main ideas and actions developed during Fine Minds 4 Fine Wines 2019, an international Think Tank organised by ARENI Global and dedicated to the Future of Fine Wine. With a focus on how we can ” Think-Share-Build and Shape” the future, we gathered 70 thought-leaders and forward thinkers, bringing together expertise from within the Fine Wine ecosystem as well as from diverse fields such as geopolitics, tech, finance and science.

This annual Think Tank was held from the 4th to the 6th of July in Bordeaux, hosted by five prestigious wine estates.

The complete analysis of every work sessions and panel discussions, reinforced by complementary research  will be available early 2020.

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