Podcast – In Conversation with Minter Dial

“Disruption is uncomfortable yet exciting, painful yet liberating, destabilising yet energising. It really depends on your point of view.”  Minter Dial & Caleb Storkey – Futureproof

This week with Minter Dial, we revisit some of our research, exploring key notions for the future of Fine Wine: Diversity, Agility, Sustainability and Purpose, and what they could mean in a post-Covid 19 world.

We ask Minter his view on our changing ecosystem, discuss his latest books, and craft a vision to futureproof our businesses.

After 16 years leading the digital transformation in L’Oréal, Minter Dial is now an acclaimed author and international speaker, looking at the world through the lens of technology, branding and digital strategy. Through his boutique agency The Myndset, Minter creates bespoke executive programmes designed to activate strategy and accelerate transformation.

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