Is the Future of Fine Wine Plant-Based? In Conversation with Mike Barrow, Watson Brown, Sebastiano Castiglioni and Christophe Lavelle

According to Bloomberg, the plant-based foods industry is expected to exceed $162 billion, or 7% of the global food market, within the next decade. In its latest report UK supermarket chain Sainsbury’s estimated that 25% of its customers will be vegan by 2025. This growing interest in plant-based diets is already impacting the way that fine wine is being produced and distributed.

What could a 100% plant-based food and beverage system look like?

This podcast is a recording of a live Insight Series organised by ARENI on March the 2nd 2022, gathering four international experts and moderated by award-winning journalist Elin McCoy.

Is the Future of Fine Wine Plant-Based? Conversation recorded on March 2nd, 2022


  • Mike Barrow, Director, OpenVino, Argentina
  • Watson Brown, Wine Director, Eleven Madison Park, USA
  • Sebastiano Castiglioni, Owner, Querciabella, Italy
  • Christophe Lavelle, Biophysicist and Researcher at CNRS, France

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