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Is Fine Wine Ready for Africa?

Africa is one of the world’s largest and most diverse continents, with more than 54 countries, rich cultures, and hundreds of ethnic groups speaking a total of more than 2,100 languages.

Finding the right approach for fine wine is going to be both an opportunity and a challenge.

This recording is from an Insight Series webinar in January 2022.

Major themes

  • How can we come to terms with such a complex and varied continent?
  • Where are the major opportunities, and what are the challenges, for luxury products in Africa?
  • How will designers and creators from Africa impact the rest of the globe in the coming years and why is it so crucial to understand?
  • What does fine wine mean, and for which African consumers?


We are pleased to introduce our three panelists:

Dr. Edo Heyns, Strategic Development and Marketing Director, AdVini South Africa

Dr Edo Heyns is Strategic Development and Marketing Manager of AdVini South Africa, which owns L’Avenir and Le Bonheur and has a majority share in both Ken Forrester Wines and Stellenbosch Vineyards.

Edo is also the former Head of Communications at Vinpro, South Africa’s general body, representing close to 2,600 South African wine producers, cellars and industry stakeholders and has been WineLand Media’s editor for close to 10 years. A doctor in philosophy, Edo is a guest lecturer at Stellenbosch University Business School.

Chinedu Rita Rosa, CEO and founder, Vines by Rosa, Bordeaux, France

Chinedu Rita Rosa 22years of experience in the Import, Wholesale, and Retail of Wines in Nigeria, creating the first Nigerian food and Wine Tasting group in Nigeria

She is now established in Bordeaux, France, where she runs Vines by Rosa, a multi-faceted consulting agency, with a hands-on approach to marketing strategy in developing countries, building bridges between French wineries and African markets.

Chinedu is also a monthly contributor to the High Brow Lifestyle Magazine, with her own column “Wining and Dining with ChiChi”, and the president and founder of Bordeaux Business Network.

David White, General Manager Southern Africa and Marketing Director Africa Middle East, Moët Hennessy

David White is an experience leader, having occupied key positions in the wine and spirits over the last 20 years and worked on global brands including Jim Beam, Jack Daniel’s, Johnnie Walker, Cloudy Bay and Krug Champagne across the US, UK, Asia and Europe.

He now leads the commercial strategy for Moet Hennessy’s 23 houses for eight of the biggest market on the African continent. On top of this, David drives the global marketing strategy for the entire continent, with a key focus on relevance, scale and local initiatives.

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