Future Technology Series: The Future Technology in Wine Report

On April 25th, Pauline Vicard, our Executive Director, had the opportunity to participate in the London Technology Club’s second Future Technology Series event featuring Wine. The panel for the event included

  • Nigel Greening, Owner, Winemaker, Felton Road in Otago, New Zealand;
  • Mike T Barrow, Owner, Winemaker, Costaflores Organic Vineyard in Mendoza, Argentina;
  • Pauline Vicard, Executive Director, Areni Institute;
  • Prof. Charles Spence, Experimental Psychologist, University of Oxford; and
  • Dr Cecilia Muldoon, CEO, VeriVin.

Topics included technology used to support older methods of grape production with Apps able to monitor weather conditions affecting vines, technology to tackle counterfeiting and monitor storage conditions whilst wines are in transit, as well as insights into how our senses affect the overall experience of wine.

We encourage you to read the white paper here.

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