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Fine Wine and the Restaurants

Thursday 14th April 2022 – 10-2pm Bordeaux

Covid-19 has shaken up the hospitality sector. In the past two years, this crisis disrupted gastronomy, which led us to study what was happening, and discover the underlying trends.

Following a number of closures, chefs, sommeliers, restaurant owners and investors were pushed to rethink not only their mode of operation but also their purpose, which led to a wave of reinventions and new ways of working.

But are these transformations cyclical, or structural? What trends are shaping the re-opening of restaurants?

Pre-pandemic, the on-trade accounted for 30% of total European wine sales—representing 50% of all wine value. What do all these changes mean for the wine list? What does it mean for sommeliers? What role will they play in the post-pandemic world?

Major Themes to be addressed:

  • Two years after the start of the pandemic, what is the current state of the restaurant trade, and where is it going next?
  • How did the wine lists change during the pandemic?
  • Did restaurants re-open with more, or fewer wines on their wine menu?
  • Did sommeliers substantially change their pricing strategy? If so, why?
  • Do consumers still expect the same things when dining out? What kind of experience are they looking for? Are there any worries that need to be addressed?
  • When it comes to buying wine in restaurants and other on-trade establishments, what is most important for them?

We are pleased to welcome the following panellists:

  • Lauren Davin, Chef Sommelier, Le Strato et Baumaniere 1850
  • Caroline Meesemaecker, Owner and CEO, Wine Services
  • Antoine Schvartz, co-founder, Sydonios
  • Marie Tribouillet, Owner, Tribouillet distribution

How to register

This Insight Series is free but registration is needed. It’s an in-person only event, with the results presented in French. To RSVP, please contact [email protected].

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