Tuanni Price

Wine Educator/Sommelier – Zuri Wine Tasting, USA/South Africa

Tuanni Price is on a mission to make the complicated world of wine simple. In fact, that is the motto of her wine lifestyle business, Zuri Wine Tasting. The self-proclaimed wine enthusiast curates’ wine-filled lifestyles from Southern California to the Southern-most part of the globe in Cape Town, South Africa.

Tuanni uses her brand, Zuri Wine Tasting, to host private tastings, teach wine tasting classes and host wine tours. In addition, she produces small to large scale wine experiences for corporate and non-profit clients.

Tuanni studied with the Society of Wine Educators, the North American Sommelier Association and the Wine and Spirit Education Trust . Tuanni has traveled the world sipping and learning about wine. Tuanni made a bold move in 2018 to expand her business to Cape Town South Africa, spending part of each year contributing to the vibrant and exciting wine industry there. Zuri Wine Tasting now offers its services to clients and wine lovers in both the US and South Africa.

Today, aside from managing the day-to-day operations and event planning on behalf of Zuri Wine Tasting, Tuanni also host a podcast, aBroad Drinking Wine. She volunteers for PYDA (Pinotage Youth Development Academy), Blacc Cellar Club in Stellenbosch and the US-based AAAV (African American Vintners Association). She holds a B.A. in Liberal Arts from Grambling University.