Reva K. Singh

Owner,Sommelier India Wine Magazine, India

Reva K. Singh, a veteran of the Indian magazine industry, is the owner and publisher of Sommelier India Wine Magazine, the first and only Indian magazine dedicated to wine. Prior to this, Reva edited The Oberoi Group Magazine for six years raising it to a level of excellence comparable to the best international hotel magazines. She has led or been on the editorial team of several high profile publications in India and abroad over her 30-year publishing career.

Reva has built a formidable reputation for herself in the Indian wine industry. As editor and publisher of Sommelier India, she gets the privileged opportunity to taste a variety of wines from around the world. This has built her knowledge base, a knowledge that she gladly shares with her readers. She has been quoted in newspapers and magazines around the world discussing the wine culture in India. Some of the publications include The Chicago Tribune, The Financial Times (London), Times of London, India Today and Outlook Magazine.

Reva has an MA in English Literature from Delhi University (Miranda House) and is a graduate of the Radcliffe Publishing Course, Harvard University.