Maureen Downey

Founder, Chai Vault, USA

With over 20 years of in depth wine industry experience, Maureen Downey stands out as an independent expert on fine and rare wine, and the foremost authority on counterfeit wine and has compiled the largest database on the subject in the world.

Dubbed The Sherlock Holmes of Wines, Maureen Downey an independent expert on fine and rare wine, and foremost authority on counterfeit wine, has compiled the world’s largest database on the subject. Specializing in authentication and valuation Ms. Downey has personally inspected hundreds of millions of dollars worth of counterfeit wine, advising the world’s top collectors, auction houses and wine merchants. She assisted the government prosecution in the first and only wine counterfeiting case tried by the U.S. government. Today Ms. Downey is considered one of the top women in wine.