Maryam Ahmed

Owner, Maryam + Company, USA

Maryam + Company designs impact-driven educational programs and executes strategic projects within the worlds of food and wine. Its clients have a demonstrated commitment to diversity and sustainability and seek transformative engagement with their communities, whether consumers, internal teams, or trade. They include community-focused non-profits, emerging businesses, regional development initiatives, as well as established companies developing new portfolios.

Maryam + Company acts as an ecosystem, offering experiences and services for the consumer and industry, including client consulting, the Diversity in Wine Leadership Forum, and Field Blends Wine Travel. As such, the company works at the intersection of wine professionals, chefs, activists, sustainability experts, and media to bring important conversations and visions to life.

Its work is supported by a strong network and connected community, enriching each project we take on. Since the company we keep is our driving force, we align with brands that are purpose-driven and committed to ideas and products aimed at creating positive change.