Daniel Protz

CEO, Flavorwiki, Switzerland

FlavorWiki is pioneering the use of digital apps and statistical algorithms to map the sensory perception (flavor, aroma, texture, mouthfeel) and preference of individual consumers on a global scale.  Inspired by a fascination with the flavor industry, Daniel started applying agile methods of online consumer research and digital data collection to profiling food products in 2015, and launched FlavorWiki in May 2017.  Today FlavorWiki works primarily with flavor and ingredient suppliers to help them speed the product formulation process, communicate taste data with customers and increase “win rate” in the B2B sales process. Daniel started his career in finance, first at Goldman Sachs and later with a hedge fund focused on algorithmic trading where he developed his love of all things data driven.  His most recent role was as Head of EMEA Operations for Groupon, the online retailer.   This is his third technology start-up since earning his MBA from Stanford University in 2007.