Cathy van Zyl MW

Associate Editor of Platter’s South African Wine Guide, South Africa

Cathy van Zyl became the first Master of Wine on the African continent when she passed the notoriously difficult and prestigious examination in 2005. Previously chair of the Institute of Masters of Wine’s Education Committee and a member of its Council for six years, she is currently its Vice-Chair taking on the responsibilities of Chair in September 2022. Cathy lectures and judges locally and internationally, occasionally contributes to wine journals and websites around the world, but spends most of her wine-time as associate editor of the Platter’s South African Wine Guide. In 2019, she was named Institute of Cape Wine Masters’ Personality of the Year for her passionate promotion of South African wine. Prior to what she refers to as her ‘wine life’, Cathy edited a marketing magazine in South Africa, contributed to an international advertising publication and still maintains a close eye on the industry as a consultant to several agencies with liquor brand clients.