Five takeaways from 2020

The collective brain power of ARENI’s contributors tracked the changes as they happened, discussing and analysing what it said about the future of wine. Here are some highlights of what we discussed in 2020.

Podcast – Diversity-Agility-Sustainability-Purpose- In Conversation with Minter Dial

What are the forces disrupting the business world? How many of these apply to wine? For insights, ARENI spoke to guru Minter Dial, an accomplished and award-winning speaker, author and film maker, known for his thoughts on branding, new technologies and team building. He is the author of Heartificial Empathy (2018) and Futureproof: How to Get Your Business Ready for the next Disruption, co-authored with Caleb Storkey (2017).

Future Technology Series: The Future Technology in Wine Report

On April 25th, Pauline Vicard, our Executive Director, had the opportunity to participate in the London Technology Club’s second Future Technology Series event featuring Wine. Topics included technology used to support older methods of grape production with Apps able to monitor weather conditions affecting vines, technology to tackle counterfeiting and monitor storage conditions whilst wines are in transit, as well as insights into how our senses affect the overall experience of wine.