Podcast – A Social critique of Fine Wine – In conversation with Prof. Beverley Skeggs

A conversation to explore the links between luxury, sociology, marketing and Fine Wine.

With Prof. Beverley Skeggs, we dive deep into behavioural science and the concepts of inclusivity and exclusivity, casting a different light on some of our ecosystem’s oldest battles and answering key questions on Fine Wine’s language, its symbolism and its struggle to break cultural norms.

Podcast – Diversity-Agility-Sustainability-Purpose- In Conversation with Minter Dial

What are the forces disrupting the business world? How many of these apply to wine? For insights, ARENI spoke to guru Minter Dial, an accomplished and award-winning speaker, author and film maker, known for his thoughts on branding, new technologies and team building. He is the author of Heartificial Empathy (2018) and Futureproof: How to Get Your Business Ready for the next Disruption, co-authored with Caleb Storkey (2017).