Podcast – Learning from the Cannabis World – In Conversation with The Garden Society

With Erin Gore and Karli Warner, founders of The Garden Society, we explore the growing world of Cannabis. As we explore their strong ethos – to become the most positive and trusted cannabis brand for women, turning down the daily chaos and turning up the joy – we draw many parallel between their world and the Fine Wine Ecosystem, discussing millennials, language, terroir & provenance, and responsibility.

Podcast – For an Equitable and Inclusive Digital Marketing – In Conversation with Shanika Hillocks

With Shanika Hillocks, food & wine digital strategist, published writer and active speaker, we talk digital strategy, influencer marketing and brand engagement. As we re-assess the weight of words and the power of pictures in a deeply shaken and polarised world, we also explore good practices for Fine Wine estates and brands.
A conversation to assess the best way for Fine Wine actors to cut through the online noise, build meaningful relationships with trade and consumers and embrace their responsibilities.

Podcast – Diversity-Agility-Sustainability-Purpose- In Conversation with Minter Dial

What are the forces disrupting the business world? How many of these apply to wine? For insights, ARENI spoke to guru Minter Dial, an accomplished and award-winning speaker, author and film maker, known for his thoughts on branding, new technologies and team building. He is the author of Heartificial Empathy (2018) and Futureproof: How to Get Your Business Ready for the next Disruption, co-authored with Caleb Storkey (2017).

Remote Control – The Real Business of Wine

Fine Minds Robert Joseph and Polly Hammond discuss the practical adjustements needed as countries and regions, from Spain to San Francisco declare States of Emergency and lockdown.
With Fine Minds Laura Catena, Camilla Lunelli, Reka Haros and Rebecca Hopkins