Can Regenerative Viticulture Help Solve Water Problems?

Regenerative agriculture/viticulture has been one of the top buzz words of the recent years. This practice has generated interest for its capacity to improve soil quality, increase biodiversity and carbon capture. But can regenerative viticulture help solve water problems?

Main themes addressed:

  • What is regenerative agriculture?
  • How do we go from an extractive to a regenerative economy?
  • What are the goals and drivers of regenerative viticulture?
  • What objectives are regenerative agriculture/viticulture seeking to achieve when it comes to water management?
  • When thinking of water management, what are the main issues and challenges to consider?
  • To what extend can regenerative viticulture and irrigation co-exist together?
From left to right: Pauline Vicard, Miguel Torres Maczassek, Rosa Kruger, Honore Confort, Jamie Goode
Picture by Vuurtoring Media

This panel conversation was moderated by Pauline Vicard during the 2022 edition of ARENI’s annual think tank. Joining her were Honore Comfort, Vice President of International Marketing, Wine Institute of California; Dr Jamie Goode, Journalist and Writer; Dr Kris Nichols, Research Director, My Land Cie; Rosa Kruger, Founder – The Old Vine Project; Bruce Lankford, Emeritus Professor of Water and Irrigation Policy at University of East Anglia; Miguel Torres Maczassek, General Manager – Familia Torres and active member of the Regenerative Viticulture Foundation.

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