ARENI Live – Stellenbosch Edition: Prep work Questionnaire

While the wine world, from production to distribution, seems to agree on what fine wine is not—a wine of poor quality, that’s mass produced, made using short cuts and widely distributed—there is little agreement on what a fine wine actually is. The very idea that we need to describe the meaning and attributes of fine wine is sometimes even dismissed. So why initiate a global dialogue to define it?

Our ecosystem is facing external pressures and internal disruptions, from climate change and the battle for land and water, to politicians, policy makers and investors increasingly failing to differentiate between fine wine and other alcohol.

We are convinced that a clear and transparent definition of fine wine is not only essential to its development, reach, and future success but, to some extent, its survival.

In 2017, we started an ongoing project called the Define Fine Wine white paper, currently in its third edition.

However, articulating what fine wine is may be a good start, but it’s not enough. To answer the challenges of our time and lead by example, fine wine must also define its responsibilities, and the common values and ethos guiding its development.

The questionnaire below aims at collating different definitions and opinions on the matter. We are not looking for “right” or “wrong” answers, but rather a full spectrum of views.

We are grateful for your time and input. The following will be used as a basis for the fourth edition of the Define Fine Wine whitepaper, to be published in December 2022.