ARENI Live – California Edition: Prep work Questionnaire

Prep work questionnaires are an essential part of every ARENI Think Tank. They allow us to gather the position of top minds on some of the most crucial questions of our time, and focus our attention on the topics that you think are relevant for us to explore further.

For this year’s prep work, we would like to focus your attention on two major points. The first part of the below questionnaire focuses on the theme of wine education. Results will also be used as a basis for our upcoming White Paper, Rethinking Education: Shaping the Future of Trade, to be published in January 2024.

The second part touches base on contemporary issues. It aims to build an overview of fine wine’s biggest challenges and opportunities for the decade to come.

As always, we are interested in collecting your own definition of fine wine. If you’ve already answered this question in previous editions, feel free to update it, or to skip the question entirely.

Many thanks for your time and input.

Wine Education
Contemporary Issues – Looking ahead