ARENI In the Round: The Future of Wine Communication

Tuesday 23rd May
4pm-5.30pm BST – Online

What is at stake with wine communication today? How did fine wine innovate in terms of communication strategies, tactics, and tools over the last few years? In what direction do we need to move to futureproof wine communication? What are the main risks and obstacles along the way?

Join us for our next edition of ARENI In the Round, our interactive, online roundtables where ARENI members and international experts can share their views — and their best practices — on specific topics relevant to the future of fine wine. 

There are no speakers or audience in ARENI In the Round. Attendees are invited based on their expertise, and everyone participates and contributes their thoughts to the mix. ARENI In the Round takes place under Chatham House rules.

Main questions to be addressed to the group:

  • What’s at stake for each of us when considering the future of communication?
  • Looking back at the last two years, in what way did communication strategies change the most?
  • What are the audiences, messages, channels, that you are using today that you never thought you would use?
  • Can you give us practical examples of recent communications that have been a success? A relative failure? How do you explain the results of these outcomes?
  • What are likely to be the levers of change?
  • What risks and opportunities are these levers likely to deliver?
  • What if nothing changes?

Access is strictly reserved to ARENI members and partners. To express your interest for this session, contact [email protected].