ARENI Debate: Do We Still Need Luxury?

Fine wine and luxury are usually two concepts that go hand-in-hand, for better or for worse. Both concepts have different meanings, depending on the cultural contexts.

But what is the role of luxury today? Is the word, and all the concepts attached to it, still relevant in our contemporary world? Do we still need luxury? And if not, what will that mean for fine wine?

Below are the recordings of our latest ARENI debate, that took place during the last iteration of our Think Tank, in July 2022. It used the classic Oxford Union debate structure where two teams of experienced speakers went into battle over the motion that we should reject the concept of luxury.

Please note that part of the Oxford Union tradition is to assign topics and positions that the speakers themselves may not personally agree with, but which they have to argue for anyway. The results can be both entertaining and insightful.

In favour of the motion: We should reject the concept of luxury.

Against the motion: We should NOT reject the concept of luxury.


From left to right: Anthony Hamilton Russell, Julia Coney, Mike Ratcliffe, Nicole Rolet, Felicity Carter
Picture by Vuurtoring Media

ARENI Debates and Insight Series are part of our annual research programme. These events provide an exclusive platform for international thought-leaders to share ideas and address global issues collectively.

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