12 Conversations: Different Ways of Looking at Sustainability in Wine

This publication pulls together some of the most significant conversations we had with thought leaders seating both within and outside the wine industry on the topic of sustainability. They aim to provide a variety of expert opinions on a complex topic, in order to spark inspiration and further discussion.

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Table of Contents:

Environmental Sustainability

From the World Living Soil Forum

With: Prof. Gilles Boeuf, President of the Scientific council, French Agency for Biodiversity; Audrey Bourolleau, Co-Founder, Hectar; Claire Chenu, Director of Research, INRAE (National Institute of Agriculture, Food and Environment Research); Jean-Baptiste Cordonnier, Founder, Vignerons du Vivant; John Furlow, Director, International Research Institute for Climate and Society, Columbia University; Nigel Greening, Owner, Felton Road Wines, Jono Le Feuvre, Founder, HanDrinksSolo; Paul Luu, Executive Secretary, 4 per 1000 Initiative; Stuart Orr, Freshwater Leader, World Wildlife Fund, Jesper Saxgren, Founding Member, Regenerative Viticulture Foundation; Hélène Valade, Director of Environmental Development, LVMH ; Ronald Vargas, Secretary Global Soil Partnership, Land and Water Officer, Food and Agriculture Organization ; Prof. Diana Wall, Director, School of Global Environmental Sustainability, Colorado State University

Social Sustainability

Financial Sustainability

All of the interviews that appear in this book have been lightly edited and shortened. For many more insights, please click on each individual link to access the full conversations.

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